Hopefully your questions can be answered here. Please do get in touch if you have any others.

How much does it cost / what are your prices?

Please contact me for a quote, each song / project is priced on an individual basis.

What’s your turnaround time?

From a minimum of 48hrs upwards, depending on the complexity and / or the number of revisions of the track.

Do I need to send you the separate stems of music for you to record to?

Not at all, a WAV or an MP3 will do, however, the more separation the better, so you’re more than welcome! In practice, I’ve found 3 separate stems; vocals, music and a guide drum track work best for me so if you have the time and inclination, go for it!

Can I send you a guide drum track?

Yes please, the more guidance and input I have from you at every step of the way the better.

What kind of format should I send my song in?

Stereo WAVs are preferred, however MP3s are acceptable too as long as they are 128kbps or higher. In practice 3 separate stems; vocals, music and a guide drum track work best for me.

Which sample rates do you record in?

44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz.

How many drum stems will I receive?

You will receive anything from 2 to 10, this will depend on what we agreed at the start of the project.

How many revisions do I get?

You get 3 revisions, but remember, I want you to be happy.

What if I don’t like the recording?

You are allowed up to 3 revisions, and I want you to be happy!

How do I pay you?

I will invoice you via Paypal, but for UK clients BACS is absolutely fine.

Can I record more than one song at a time?

Absolutely, in fact the more songs you record the more likely I can work a discount into the overall price.

Do you also program drums?

Absolutely I do, there are some examples on the Audio page of the website.

Do you record percussion?

Yes, I have shakers and tambourines and some hand drums all at the ready.

Do I need to send reference tracks along with my song / track?

You don’t have to but I’ve found it can be of major help to guide me when recording.

Do you record albums?

Yes, absolutely. I’m equally happy to record 1 track or 15!

Do you video your recordings?

Yes I do. I can record at 30 or 60fps. I have a GoPro Hero 4 and an iPhone 6s (does a great job).