the remote drum recording service with groove.


Hi, my name is Paul and welcome to my remote drum recording site!

If you’re looking for live recorded drums that sound and feel great to slot perfectly into your songs and compositions, then you’ve found the right place!


The benefits of my service mean that there’s no need to look for a separate studio or engineer and incur costs that your budget might not be able to allow for. Instead, welcome this simple and easy solution to owning great sounding live drums recorded by me that could be yours in as little as 48hrs from start to finish.



  • In WAV file format please
  • We agree any detail
  • Include reference songs


  • Take(s) sent as WAVs
  • Amend or tweak if necessary
  • Up to 3 revisions


  • Drum stems sent to you
  • Processed stems on request
  • Payment via Bank Transfer (BACS) or Paypal


  • Firstly, we discuss the style / feel you are after and any specifics you require for the song.
  • Secondly, you upload your song(s) minus drums along with any reference songs and / or a guide drum track if necessary.
  • Which sample rate you desire, You can choose from 10 tracks at 44.1kHz / 48kHz or 6 tracks at 96kHz.
  • During the recording process, I will send you WAV file updates of your remote drum recording so that you can track my progress and give me any further pointers.
  • You have the opportunity to make up to ‘three’ revisions (or tweaks) of the drum track in order for me to fine tune to your liking.
  • Once you’re completely satisfied, I’ll send you the separate audio stems of all of the drum tracks (or can additionally send you a multitrack session, upon request).
  • Finally, I offer a turnaround of as little as 48hrs.


My studio is based in Battersea Park, South London and is a medium sized room nonetheless with a small but distinct amount of ambience and lots of vibe.

I have a great quality microphone collection that is regularly being expanded upon.

Currently these are run through high quality Audient ASP880 / iD22 and two Neve style Preamps that have been hand picked to ensure your remote drum recording is top notch.

I regularly recording with up to 10 channels of drums which I configure into 8 close mics and 2 overheads but can add a room mic upon request.

I’m open to different microphone configurations though, so am flexible depending on what your song / drum track needs.


I exist as part of a large network of London musicians and singers, so can also potentially fix musicians for sessions in the studio with or without me on drums. So, if you are stuck and ever in need of extra personnel, just ask!

Why put up with lifeless and uninspiring drum tracks, please do get in touch today with any enquiries that you may have.


My heart lies in groove. A definite backbeat drummer with a love for James Brown and all things that groove. My approach to funk and soul, hip hop, drum and bass, rock and house is one and the same.

The guitar opened the musical door for Paul and despite also being a keen bass player, drums are Paul’s true passion. With a blistering groove and a backbeat that could kill, he has become  the firm favourite for many and similarly well known for his versatility. He has over the years scored gigs with everyone from Labrinth, Sigma and the late Don Blackman to currently being part of the rhythmical backbone for Alison Moyet, (x)Propaganda and Josh Milan.

“I developed a late interest in guitar music but have always had an ear for well written songs. Growing up in the 80s I was listening to everything from U2 to Chaka Khan, Afrika Bambaataa and Kraftwerk to Anita Baker, Toto and James Brown, so invariably developed an eclectic taste.”

Happy clients!

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What’s your turnaround time?

From a minimum of 48hrs upwards, depending on the complexity and / or the number of revisions of the remote drum recording.

How much does it cost / what are your prices?

Please contact me for a quote, each song / project is priced on an individual basis.

Do you also program drums?

Absolutely, some examples are up on the website.

Which sample rates do you record in?

44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz.

Download PAUL’s drum stems!

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