“Paul Jones has a deep knowledge and understanding of all aspects of music. He never intrudes on a producer’s vision of the material and is a very easy person to get along with.

Paul can drum, produce and engineer if so needed. On the other hand, if artists choose to bring their own producers or engineers, Paul is perfectly adaptable to this arrangement providing assistance wherever necessary in demonstrating how his studio is laid out, answering any questions, and leaving the rest to the artist.

I have recorded there several times and have always had an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. I can highly recommend this studio”.

Mike Ephron (Keyboard player, producer, songwriter)

“As well as drumming brilliantly live, Paul is a great recording drummer. He can turn your vision into reality and deliver quickly and professionally.

He’s also very flexible and well versed in many styles so you’ll never be disappointed.”

Andrea Baldini (Guitarist, songwriter)

“Thanks so much for your drum stems, they have transformed my tracks and made them sound so much more authentic and grooving!

Your attention to detail and the fact that you supplied me with so many options meant that I could get exactly what I needed out of the sessions. Your drumming was outstanding but the notes you provided with each take made the editing process so much more enjoyable and productive.”

Jasper Wilkinson – Multi instrumentalist (TV Theme and commercials writer)

“Paul programmed some great beats for a drum n bass project i was working on. He provided us with exactly the solid rolling vibes we were after as both audio and midi files which slotted perfectly into our arrangement allowing us control over the final drum production.

He gave us a great groove with some nice variations, fills and additional layers for dynamics – just what was required, Thanks Paul!”

Richie Concrete – Bass player producer (Rebel Control, Boy George, George Clinton)

“I can say without hesitation that he is a consummate & passionate professional, never satisfied with giving anything less than his best.

Paul has been involved more recently with my alter ego as a music producer and in the studio he has been consistent to his live persona, always keen to deliver the best results and not resting until they have been achieved. I’m impressed with his development sound-wise in his own studio and he is one of the few people I trust to deliver pristine and full-sounding recordings of live drums.

Lastly, Paul is excited by continually investigating new styles, sounds and acts within our industry and this makes him stand out in a crowd where many discard the new as insignificant, faddy or beneath them.”

Gordon Hulbert – Producer, multi instrumentalist (Chaka Khan, Russell Watson)

“Very happy with the way things turned out. Relaxed atmosphere, incredible playing and sounds great!”

Mr Man Sounds (Guitarist / songwriter)

“I invited Paul as a session drummer to record my solo album. We spent three very intense days in a studio and the result was amazing. Paul is an extremely versatile musician, a real pro with a capital “P”, easy to communicate, organised, having a great attitude to the recording process and very responsible.

I feel really lucky I had a chance to work with Paul; hope that was not our last cooperation together. Paul, thanks a lot!”

Jake Pashkin (Guitarist / songwriter)